The Twincer® dry powder inhalation technique directly affects the quality of life of the patients using the device. Very obvious the high comfort of medication intake. The single use device travels with you in your pocket and can be used any time any place. Probably more important is the high effectiveness and the stability of medication intake. The patented Twincer® technology provides you with the best possible medication intake. Due to the single use design the continuous infection risks of multiple use devices is eliminated.

The technology has many proven applications including:



Cystic fibrosis


Cyclosporine A

Vaccines (e.g. influenza)


Scientific Results


For more scientific information about dry powder inhalation of Levodopa for Parkinson patients:

  • Can patients with Parkinson’s disease use dry powder inhalers during off periods? PLoS One 10 (7) (2015) M.Luinstra e.a.

  • A levodopa dry powder inhaler for the treatment of Parkison’s disease patients in off periods. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (2015) M.Luinstra e.a.

For more scientific information about the development of the Twincer® the following scientific publications might be interesting to read:

  • Design and in vitro performance testing of multiple air classifier technology in a new disposable inhaler concept (Twincer®) for high powder doses

  • Dry powder inhalation of colistin in cystic fibrosis patients: A single dose pilot study

For more information about dry powder inhalation and nebulization of antibiotics, we also recommend the following article:

  • Dry powder inhalation versus wet nebulisation delivery of antibiotics in cystic fibrosis patients

For a general introduction to the inhalation technology with a specific focus on inhalation instruction, we recommend the following book:

  • Inhalation – Technology and Instruction:

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