PureIMS is a pharmaceutical company with in house development and manufacturing capabilities. Development of new active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) and next generation inhalation solutions like the Cyclops is being performed in very close co-operation with the State University Groningen (RUG) Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy (PTB) of Professor Dr. H.W. Frijlink.

PureIMS and the RUG are also working together with third party pharmaceutical companies with regard to unique pharmacotherapeutical treatment solutions.

PureIMS is located in Roden, The Netherlands.

The core activity of PureIMS is preparing micronized drug compounds for inhalation purposes. PureIMS provides effective dry powder inhalers i.e. the Twincer® or one of its successors, with a suitable dosage of API, in order to provide her patients with adequate pharmacotherapy.