Our Company

Pure Inhalation Medication Systems (PureIMS) is a pharmaceutical company based in Roden, The Netherlands. The core activities of PureIMS are: the development, preparation and marketing of micronized drugs for effective pulmonary administration.

PureIMS provides effective dry powder inhalers as the Twincer® filled with dry powder medication to her patients and their caregivers.

Service to the medical professional and his or her patients first is the primary focus of PureIMS. PureIMS attempts to fulfill the wishes of the patients and their caregivers. Therapeutic effectiveness and ease of use of the products of PureIMS are therefore our main priority. Many years of research at the University of Groningen has resulted in the development of several effective inhalers as the Twincer®.

By using the Twincer® an optimal deposition of dry powder medication in their most purest form can be achieved in the respiratory tract. In this way the occurrence of undesirable side effects of adjuvants can be prevented. The lungs are considered to be the ideal route of access to the systemic circulation. This route offers a number of benefits above the gastrointestinal tract route. The absorption route is shorter, therefore the drug works faster. A lower drug dosage can result in the same therapeutic effect compared with other available inhalation devices.

PureIMS possesses a state-of-the-art GMP facility with a number GMP class-D cleanrooms for the preparation of dry powder medication.